Our Counsellor

Amanda Wyatt
For booking enquiries call
07743368747 or 01639 635000


Asking for help is not a weakness, it is a strength and the first step in changing your life for the better... 

Counselling is a talking therapy that enables the persons true self to be heard in a genuine, non-judgmental and understanding way. A safe environment to help empower, nurture and discover your inner thoughts and emotions and try to make sense of them as much as you can and want to.

Counselling can help an individual deal with... 

  • a mental health condition, such as depression or anxiety

  • an upsetting physical health condition, such as infertility

  • a difficult life event, such as a bereavement, a relationship breakdown or work-related stress

  • long term illnesses (yourself or a loved one), particularly dementia 

  • difficult emotions – for example, low self-esteem or anger

  • traumatic events

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