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Mindfulness and Me 

Mindfulness is a bit of a buzz word at the moment but many people are unsure what it actually is, how it benefits them and how they can put it into practice.


This class is suitable for you if:

  • You have a busy life style or mind and struggle to slow down and catch your breath

  • Anxieties keep you preoccupied to the point you feel you’re disengaged in life

  • You’ve neglected your selfcare and a fitness class just isn’t for you!



Join us for a 6 week rolling course which will teach you the what’s and how’s of mindfulness so it can have a positive impact on your day to day life.


Our 1 hours class will include 45 mins of teaching practical implementation of mindfulness followed by a guided meditation session to relax you, reduce anxieties, improve mindset and recharge batteries to lift your energy.


The final 15 minutes will be a virtual chat and cuppa which will give you the opportunity to discuss the session, have any questions answered and gain any further support needed.

Nothing is needed other than a comfortable place to sit (or lay) and it will be your choice if you want to participate with visuals on or off.

st Scientific teachings of simple, but effective breathing exercise.

New Virtual Classes

Tuesdays at 9.30am

Wednesday at 6pm 

6 week course - £36 

One off drop in session - £7

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