Mindfulness and Meditation Classes 

Life can be tough – believe us, we get it! Which is why here at Breathe, our aim is to help you calm your mind, gain greater clarity, melt away stress/ Anxiety and unleash your pure, brilliant, unique and unbounded potential.

Whether you’re dealing with stressful circumstances in your personal life, having difficulty coping with pressure at work, need a little help adapting to new situations such a pregnancy, parenthood or retirement, are daunted by the prospect of exams, trying to juggle everything and be an everyday superhuman, having trouble sleeping and switching off, or simply just need to invest some time in yourself (yes, we’re ALL guilty of neglecting number one!) then our unique meditation and mindfulness techniques are for you.

Though there is a distinct science behind breathing techniques, we don’t have to be geniuses to appreciate the benefits of a quiet, clear and contented mind.

Unfortunately, our fast paced lifestyles mean that we are constantly rushing around with busy bodies and busy minds and feel the burnt out mode of life, which is why it is important to re-charge with our Breathe programmes
Luckily, the practice of mindfulness meditation is one of the most simple, yet highly effective, skills we can master – and with regular practice of our signature techniques you’ll experience powerful and positive effects on both your mind and body.

We also have stripped away any practice of Religion or Spirituality to neutralise the teaching of Mindfulness/Meditation with just Scientific teachings of simple, but effective breathing exercise.

Our Mindfulness and Meditation classes are currently suspended due to social distancing restrictions. We hope to have them back as soon as safely possible.   

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