Our Pilates Instructor

Cath Griffin


With more and more of us spending more time at home, often hunched over a makeshift desk, it's important to remember our posture to prevent back pain in the future. Led by Catherine Griffin of Pro10 Pilates, who loves to encourage everyone regardless of age or fitness level to give it a go and 'just have fun with it!'

A few words from Cath...

"I love that Pilates brings people from all walks of life together. I like to choreograph a class to flow giving a full body workout with mind body connection. My aim is to make you feel stronger and taller and to remember it’s ok to laugh. Through a series of mat exercises based on the regular rhythm of respiration, this class is focussing primarily on strengthening the inner layers of the muscles of the body in order to achieve stability and strengthening of the core."

Virtual classes coming soon!

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