Rachel Edwards 


Hello, my name is Rachel and I am an aromatherapist and my passion is to educate and empower others in how they can support their emotional and physical wellbeing with the power of nature.  I first discovered aromatherapy in 2017 when I used essential oils to support my emotional wellbeing. This led me to develop a keen interest in the science behind why essential oils were so effective within the human body. I began my Aromatherapy Diploma in 2019 and am now working towards my Advanced Diploma. 

Aromatherapy itself is literally inhaling the aroma of an essential oil for a therapeutic benefit. This may be to calm, soothe, stimulate or energise an area of the body. Our bodies are wonderfully created to repair and restore themselves, however when we become unbalanced, tense or anxious through trauma, illness, injury or day to day stresses, we sometimes need a little extra support.  Aromatherapy is a complementary therapy, designed to support your body on a cellular level, to encourage relaxation, release anxiety and tension, restore balance and promote homeostasis in the body. 


I have a special interest in Clinical Aromatherapy, where I conduct an in-depth consultation to discuss your individual needs, such as requiring support with sleep, anxiety, depression, digestion, hormones, skin care, respiratory health, musculoskeletal health and so on. Aromatherapy can be applied with or without touch, and as an aromatherapist I am able to recommend and create bespoke blends tailored to your specific requirements. You will then be able to take your blend home with aftercare instructions.


In addition to clinical aromatherapy, I offer aromatherapy massage where I will select essential oils to promote an overall sense of wellbeing. You may choose an uplifting massage or a relaxing massage to suit your needs on the day. As a busy mom of three, I understand how important it is to prioritise self care for our emotional and physical health. We cannot pour from an empty cup. 


I look forward to meeting you in the treatment room and working to help you find balance and wellness from the inside out.

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