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Ear Exam

Hidden Hearing

Hearing Care Experts

About Hidden Hearing

We’re working with Hidden Hearing, one of the UK’s leading hearing care experts. Make an appointment to see our audiologist, John Delbridge. He attends on a Wednesday and Thursday from 9am – 5pm, on a weekly basis. Their mission is to help people get back what they miss the most. To hear life’s soundtrack and enjoy everyday life to the full. a wide range of the latest digital hearing aids from many different award-winning brands. Hidden Hearing have provided world-class hearing healthcare services and lifelong aftercare and support to our UK customers for over 50 years. 


Request your free hearing test below... 


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Signs of Hearing Loss

1. Difficulty following conversations

2. Phone conversations are unclear

3. People seem to be mumbling

4. Difficulty locating sounds

5. Signs of tinnitus

6. Turning up the TV too loud

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To arrange an appointment, request one here or please call Magnolia on 01639 635000 or John's Receptionist directly on 01792 454400 quoting 'Magnolia Health'

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