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Professional and Confidential sessions

About Psychotherapy

These days we all know how important mental health is which is why it needs to be high on our list of priorities.  Psychotherapy promotes emotional health and wellbeing by healing the wounds we encounter in life.  Whether that is through small or big traumas which cause us to function in a less than comfortable fashion. We don’t always recognise the things that happen to us in life as traumas. We encounter trauma through life in varying degrees and it usually leaves its mark.  I am passionate about relieving the impact of trauma which at its worse can be crippling. Difficulties in life can cause many problems such as depression, anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares, self-harm, dissociation, and thoughts of suicide. 


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A few words from Linda

" I work with a wide range of difficulties such as bereavement, road traffic accidents, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, attachment disorder, birth traumas, PTSD, complex PTSD, relational and developmental traumas.  I specialise in all kinds of trauma and I pride myself on being up to date with ground breaking methods of working by constantly updating my practice with new training.  I use EMDR as my main method which is a safe and powerful way of processing trauma.   

As a humanistic therapist I work to create a confidential therapeutic relationship of trust.  This allows a non-judgemental space so we can explore together ways of easing the pain by processing what life throws at us"

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Our Psychotherapist

Email -

For more information on prices or to book a session please email Linda directly on the email above.


EMDR Europe Accredited Consultant/ Clinical Supervisor

MA in Psychotherapy

Post Grad.  Diploma in Counselling Level 7

MBACP Accred (Reg)

Qualified since 2005

White Flowers

"There is a crack in everything. 

That's how the light gets in"

Leonard Cohen 

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