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Homeopathic Medicine


A natural way of looking after you and your family

About Homeopathy

Small but mighty. When they first see a homeopathic remedy, people often think, 'how on earth could this tiny pill help my problems?'

Homeopathy was established over 200 years ago, based on the principal that 'like cures like'. Ever since, its popularity has surged to lead the World Health Organisation to recognise it as the second most used medical system in the world. The Queen, the wider royal family and David Beckham are amongst the large number of people using, loving and relying on Homeopathy for their medical needs. 

Homeopathy is a natural form of medicine which treats the individual as a whole, focusing on mental, emotional and physical symptoms. 

The kinds of issues that are regularly seen in practice include... 


- Anxiety and depression 

- Chronic headaches 

- Digestive issues 

- Skin problems 

- Chronic fatigue 

- Recurrent infections (ear, throat, urinary) 

- Developmental delays children 

- Menopausal symptoms 

- Allergies 

Respiratory symptoms 

These are some of the more common presenting problems, although the list goes on and our Homeopath Catrin has treated some less common problems with success. 

If you have a particular condition you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

The Experience 

Our private Homeopathy consultation room

An initial consultation lasts up to 90 minutes in order to obtain detailed information on the presenting problem then more general information on medical & family history, lifestyle, diet, sleep patterns, and personality type. I sometimes prescribe at the appointment but will  usually take the information provided and work on the case to establish the best indicated remedy based on the individual information given and send it out to the patient within a couple of days of the appointment.


The number of pills prescribed will vary depending on the problem and it may be that just one dose will be considered sufficient to stimulate the body’s own healing process.

A follow up appointment is usually booked 4 weeks after the initial appointment and lasts 45 minutes. At this appointment we assess the action of the remedy and whether we need to continue with the original remedy, prescribe a new remedy or wait if there has been a good response. If however the patient needs to get in touch before the follow up I’m happy for my patients to contact me between appointments.

Homeopathy Consultation.JPG


Initial consultation (90 minutes) - £90

Follow up appointments (45 minutes)​ - £65

Babies - £50

Under 12 months (30 minutes)

Menopause Consultation (90 minutes) - £90

Acute consultations and prescriptions only available for registered clients - £25


How Homeopathy changed Emma's life

Sometimes, a written testimonial just doesn't do a client's results justice. This is one of those occasions, and we're so grateful to Emma for agreeing to be interviewed to tell her story about her experience with Homeopathy for her son Jackson who is Autistic.

This is a really informal chat to understand Emma's experience with Homeopathy. It was only meant to be a video to allow us to create a highlights reel, but what Emma shared was too amazing to not share the original video in case anyone wanted to watch more. 

Reaching Out

I can't thank Catrin enough, with the help she has given to my daughter...not only has her speech and understanding come on in leaps & bounds but her sleeping and behaviour have improved so much, I am so glad I asked this lovely lady for her help, Catrin has not just helped my daughter, but our whole family

Mrs L M - Neath 

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