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Piano Lesson

Music Therapy

Professional and confidential sessions

About Music Therapy

Music Therapy is an established psychological intervention; a creative and expressive form of therapy that can be carried out one-to-one or in groups. Music Therapists work with people of all ages whose lives have been affected by illness, injury or disability to support their psychological, emotional, physical, communicative and social needs. 


In Music Therapy, the therapist builds a relationship with the client through live musical interaction and play using instruments and voice. Using music together, in this way, enables clients to explore and connect with the world around them and express themselves. 




The Experience

Belinda specialises in working with children and adults with learning disabilities (from mild to severe, profound and multiple), autism, those who have had a brain injury and also those with mental health difficulties including depression, anxiety and psychosis. She has 10 years experience as a Music Therapist, is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and has an up-to-date DBS check. 


You do not need to be verbal to engage in Music Therapy or to have any musical skill.

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Our Music Therapist

For appointment enquiries, please contact 01639 635000


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Individual Music Therapy session £45


Block of 10 sessions £400


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