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A beginners guide to Aromatherapy and how it can help you!

Have you discovered the incredible power of aromatherapy yet? Used for over 6,000 years, Aromatherapy is the action of inhaling an aroma for therapeutic benefit. Scent is a powerful thing, as it acts on the limbic system of our brain, otherwise known as the emotional headquarters. The limbic system is where we store memory and emotion, and it is directly linked to our olfactory system - our sense of smell. This is the reason why when we smell something, it can transport us back to a memory of a time or event, such as perfume worn at a wedding, food that a family member cooked or flowers that were in a garden where you grew up.

The purest scent or aroma is that which is found in nature, in plants. Essential oils are literally the essence of the plant, that work to regulate, repair and restore, and what they do for plants, they can also do for us. When we inhale, essential oil molecules not only travel to our limbic system, but also to our lungs where they are absorbed into the bloodstream via our alveoli. This means that inhaling essential oils has both an emotional and a physical effect on the body.

Because they are natural, unadulterated compounds, essential oils are readily accepted by and used within our bodies to restore and repair on a cellular level. There are 40 million trillion molecules in one drop of essential oil, and these molecules can cross cell membranes, including the blood brain barrier, to cover all 30-40 trillion cells of the body with over 1 million molecules. Within 30 seconds of inhaling an essential oil, the molecules will reach your brain, and within 20 minutes the molecules will cover every cell within our body. These powerful essential oil molecules will work with your body's natural defences to restore and support normal cellular function.

There are so many different ways to incorporate essentials oils into your everyday life, from inhalation using a room diffuser, topical application using a roller ball, or using them to create non-toxic cleaning product! The list is endless! The unique qualities of each oil lend themselves to helping you to feel a certain way or even to help you deal with physical and emotional issues. To give you a quick insight, here are some of the most popular essential oils and what they can be used for...

Lavender - Probably the most well known of the essential oils, known for its power in enhancing relaxation and sleep. It can also be used to soothe headaches as well as be used as an antiseptic for cuts and burns.

Basil - often used to boost concentration and alleviate headaches. Should be avoided during pregnancy.

Rosemary - may promote hair growth, boost memory, prevent muscle spasms, and support the circulatory and nervous systems.

Eucalyptus - can help relieve the airways during a cold or flu. It is often combined with peppermint.

There are over 100 different essential oils, each with their own unique scent and health benefits. To maximise the power of aromatherapy, you might consider consulting a clinical aromatherapist. Your aromatherapist will harness their extensive knowledge of essential oils and their properties to create a unique blend of oils that you can use each day.

At Magnolia, our resident Aromatherapist Rachel conducts in depth consultations to assess your specific needs. Using her extensive knowledge, Rachel will select essential oils and a carrier oil to create a bespoke blend roller ball that you will get to take home with you to treat/support your areas of concern. When combined with massage therapy as well, aromatherapy becomes a powerful complementary health treatment to help with acute and chronic conditions. Here is a list of some of the many ways that aromatherapy with or without massage can support you;

reducing stress and anxiety

treating depression

lowering blood pressure

reducing inflammation

repairing skin

improving gut function

improving mobility

pain management

When using essential oils, it is important to speak to a qualified aromatherapist and your GP if necessary beforehand and only use the highest quality essential oils. If you would like to know more then please call us on 01639 635000 to book your consultation.

With next week being 'Aromatherapy Awareness Week', Rachel is offering 10% off all clinical aromatherapy consultations (with or without massage) for the month of June.

Use voucher codes...

AROMA10 - for clinical Aromatherapy Consultations (30 minutes)

MASSAGE10 - for clinical Aromatherapy Consultations With Massage (1 hour)

Be sure to take advantage of this discount as soon as you can as there will only be 10 up for grabs!

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